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Lavender Hot Cocoa Mix

Take a deep breath as you pamper yourself with a good book, a comfy window seat, and cup of lavender hot cocoa. The calm aroma of lavender particularly shines on even the rainiest of days.

Our Hot Cocoa Mixes are created with a blend of natural ingredients to match our popular truffle flavors. The luxurious flavor of premium cocoa powder combined with raw cane sugar, a precise blend of spices, and a tiny pinch of sea salt creates the intense, lingering chocolate experience treasured by chocolate aficionados.

All cans are 12oz by weight.

Ingredients: dutched cocoa powder, raw cane sugar, sea salt, and lavender.

 ***No Dairy! We do not include any dairy solids in our hot cocoa mix. Cocoa can be made with any dairy or substitute you choose.