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Our products are served and sold around the pacific northwest in collaboration with our partners, listed below. If you would like to apply to become wholesale partner with Intrigue, please fill out the wholesale application form

Description: Brewed and bottled by hand on the outskirts of the coffee capital of the world, Anchorhead Cold Brew brings you a premium coffee concentrate that will redefine the way you drink coffee. Using the finest all natural Arabica coffee beans, our coffee is steeped at a controlled temperature for 16 hours, then double filtered and bottled in glass.

Intrigue Chocolate Products Offered: Hot Cocoas and mochas using Intrigue Chocolate cocoa mixes, as well as retail bars, both the spiced bar collection and 1oz craft chocolate bars.

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Description: Cone & Steiner is a one-stop shop full of fresh flowers and produce, dry goods, ice cream, and a curated selection of prepared foods. In our unique twist on the corner store, we feature specialty, local, and staple goods, as well a robust assortment of craft beers and fine wines.

Intrigue Chocolate Products Offered: Spiced bars, craft bars, and retail cocoa mixes.

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: As every food lover knows, the best ingredients are often hard to find. Some of our favorite items in every category are those that you can get in only one place or for a few weeks each year. Met Market has always worked hard to be the place where people come to taste the ripest fruits, the rarest cheeses and the freshest seafood and dairy products in a comfortable, convenient, inspiring environment.

Intrigue Chocolate Products Offered: Retail Cocoa Mixes

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Description: Cedarhouse delivers lush, colorful and inspired arrangements to Seattle.  Shop and send flowers or plants online any time or call Cedarhouse to speak with a designer. Find out what is freshest and prettiest in the shop today and we’ll deliver something one of a kind.

Intrigue Chocolate Products Offered: Spiced Chocolate Bars

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Description: Zoka roasted the first batch of coffee in the Fall of 1996. Four months later, on January 7, 1997, we opened the doors to the Greenlake coffeehouse in Seattle. The hope was to positively impact our community with truly fresh roasted coffee, talented baristas and a welcoming atmosphere. We’ve grown to four cafes, a direct-to-you mail order option and a robust wholesale business.

Intrigue Chocolate Products Offered: Hot cocoas and mochas made with Intrigue Chocolate cocoa mixes.

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Description: Latin for ‘location’, Locus sources fruit from cooler climate vineyards in the Yakima Valley and Naches Heights AVAs of Washington State to produce unique, handcrafted wines that best showcase where they were sourced. Our Old World-like approach to our favorite varietals – Syrah, Cinsault, Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc – produces wines with higher acidity and less oak that are approachable and destined for food pairing.

Intrigue Chocolate Products Offered: Craft chocolate for wine pairings.

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