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Shop Phone:  206-829-8810
Email Aaron: Aaron@IntrigueChocolates.com
Email Karl: Karl@IntrigueChocolate.com

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The Gist


Chocolate Maker

From farmer to botanist to brewer to baker to chocolate maker, Chef Aaron Barthel's life has been an exploration of fine and simple things.  He handcrafts small batches of craft chocolate with care to coax the chocolate into telling its own story.



At Intrigue we celebrate discovery and encourage the habit of exploration, enrichment, and enjoyment.  We want you to feel nurtured, edified, and inspired to share your experiences with others. We hope to provide this to you through tasting experiences in our retail stores, and tasting experiences you can gift and share with coworkers, friends, and family.

Over the years we have expanded our passions from solely confection making to include coffee service and craft chocolate making. You can see this reflected in our evolution of products.

The Team

Aaron Barthel - Owner and Chocolatier

Karl Mueller - Owner and Marketer

Justin Pratt - Kitchen Manager

Laurel Reed - Retail Manager

Christopher Nelson - Assistant Manager

Devon Fox - Barista

Emily Lucas - Barista

Sundos El-Naser - Tasting Bar Host

Sarah Hanchar - Tasting Bar Host & Kitchen Assistant

David Sessions - Tasting Bar Host & Kitchen Assistant

Interested in working at Intrigue Chocolate Co? Send us an email with your resume to keep on file for hiring rounds!  Karl@intriguechocolate.com

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