Team Building with Intrigue Chocolate Co.

Intrigue Chocolate Co is your local chocolate shop. As such, we are happy to provide you with relaxed team building or team reward opportunities designed to educate. We offer a guided perspective into cacao beans, coffee beans, and the beautiful and diverse world of chocolate. 

During the wild world of COVID, the in-person classes described below have been suspended. 
Intrigue - like the rest of the world - has gone virtual! 
Visit here to learn about our Chocolate Tasting Kits and opportunities to have
a sensory analysis workshop come to your video chat group, anywhere in the US. 

Cost: $500

Size: Up to 12 people

Duration: 60 minutes, depending on engagement


  • Dedicated staff person
  • Truffles, chocolate bars, or beverages depending on the event
  • $120 gift card(s) distributed among participants



Hi, I'm Aaron. I make chocolate in Seattle! Intrigue Chocolate Co has been in business for over 14 years. We've won awards at regional chocolate festivals, taught classes and team building events all across the city, and delight hundreds of customers a day between our chocolate boutique in Pioneer Square and our Coffeehouse on Capitol Hill. I love teaching people about chocolate!


Event Options

Craft Chocolate Making
Do you enjoy the world of handmade craft food? This is your opportunity to work directly with a chocolate maker! We'll cover a brief history of cacao, followed by a demonstration of chocolate making with tips on how to get started doing this at home. Then we'll discuss how to taste and how to improve your ability to evaluate fine craft chocolate.

Tasting Dark Chocolate
Ever wondered what the origins on the front of a chocolate bar are supposed to imply about the flavor? Why are some chocolate bars $10 and others are $2? Demystify the jargon on fine chocolate labels. The flavor of chocolate can be as diverse as the flavor of wine, and just as complex. In this team building class we introduce the spectrum of flavors available. Do you prefer fruit notes, or caramel notes in your chocolate? What does “tempering” mean, or “chocolate bloom”? We’ll cover all this and more.

Coffee Brew Methods & Chocolate Pairing
Does your office have an on-going coffee machine debate? We will discuss the three main types of coffee brewing, their relative merits, and show you how you can easily achieve your perfect cup with minimal hassle or expense. Each method reveals a different flavor profile from the same beans. And each one pairs differently with the same chocolate. It may not settle the office coffee machine debate, but it will definitely help your team appreciate each other’s preferences.

Drinking Your Chocolate
Discover the oldest form of prepared chocolate, drinking cacao. We’ll tell you the story of how cacao beans were first prepared as a beverage for kings, and then demonstrate the range of modern cacao beverages in all their delicacy and luxury. If your team enjoys history, this is a class for you.

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