• PreSale of the Classic Chocolate Truffles!

    We are so excited to be offering you a 12 pc box from Intrigue Chocolate this Valentines Day! Order your box online here!

    Andrea Terrinzio from Dolcetta Sweets has agreed to help us achieve this goal in her production space located in SODO. Andrea and Aaron have a long history of making chocolate in shared spaces, going back all the way to 2007 when both were making ganache in a shared space in Lower Queen Anne.

    There is a limited number of boxes we can produce. We recommend pre-ordering a box from our website for shipping and delivery by going here: [link]. All orders will be shipped out on the 10th of February to arrive the 11th, 12th, or at latest the 13th of February.

    Whatever is not pre-sold and shipped will be available in both retail locations for that week of Valentines, Friday the 7th through Sunday the 16th. There are no customer flavor assortments. Flavors will be a collection of our most popular from our 14 years of experience:

    Every day we have guests come in to request the truffle boxes, and we’ve received a lot of support and encouragement to bring them back via social media channels. Thank you for bearing with us while we work out a solution - the best way you can help us accomplish this goal is by pre-ordering a box for your someone special  today!

  • Last Week in the Kitchen

    This is the final week of our truffle kitchen space. We’ve been here for 10 years.

    But don’t worry, we are still very much in business!

    The short of the story is, when the viaduct came down our building was purchased for its new waterfront real estate value. The new owners decided not to renew leases, so for the past 8 months we’ve been envisioning the future of Intrigue without a kitchen to prepare what we sold in our retail stores.

    Unfortunately, the truffles were too complicated to survive the changes, and last July we announced we were sunsetting the truffle line. We hope to bring them back for seasonal occasions.

    Intrigue Chocolate is about exploration of flavor through the medium of chocolate. We moved production to the Tasting Bar in Pioneer Square where you can now see Aaron making chocolate from the bean first hand, and try our new Snacking Chocolate that continues our mission. You can read more about the building sale, viaduct closure, and loss of lease here.

    Thank you for 10 wonderful years in this space! Some of you will remember walking up the stairs and down the strange hallway to visit us in the kitchen. It was an era we love to remember, and we are so grateful for your support.

    If you have mail to send, please send to the Tasting Bar:

    157 S Jackson St
    Seattle WA 98104

  • Introducing The Rainbow Collection

    Introducing Intrigue's Chocolate Co.'s featured gift for 2019: The Rainbow Collection.

    Check out this spiced chocolate bar Rainbow Collection in its’ classy, handsome new gift box! Whether you are giving a gift to a chocolate fanatic, a bibliophile, or a scotch and cigar coinsurer, this tasteful collection box will make a perfect gift. Available in our retail stores (Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill), or Online.

    We first introduced these spiced bars with a Kickstarter in 2017 (you can activate a time machine to visit that project by Clicking Here). Each bar has a multi-step reveal that will delight those that enjoy the details. Let’s go through them together.

    Give a chocolate gift this year. The Rainbow Collection box is available in our retail stores (Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill) and Online.
  • Featuring Forte's Holiday Chocolate Truffles 2019

    For your truffle gifts this holiday season of 2019, we are excited and honored to be featuring the award-winning chocolate truffle box of Master Chocolatier Karen Neugebauer from Forte Chocolates.

    Sea Salt Caramel in Milk Chocolate – WORLD GOLD, International Chocolate Awards 2018
    Pumpkin Spice – WORLD GOLD, International Chocolate Awards 2018
    Rosemary Orange Caramel – WORLD GOLD, International Chocolate Awards 2018
    Lemon Pepper in White Chocolate – GOLD, NW Chocolate Festival Awards 2018
    Marcona Almond in Milk Chocolate – GOLD, NW Chocolate Festival Awards 2018
    Sea Salt Caramel in Dark Chocolate – GOLD, NW Chocolate Festival Awards 2018

    These truffles are a perfect gift for anyone who likes fine foods. Every flavor in this box has won an award in at least one chocolate competition, domestically or internationally. Karen is one of the top ten most decorated chocolatiers in the world, and the quality of the truffles and the flavors prove it.

    Many of our customers we see only once a year - for the annual holiday Intrigue Chocolate Truffle Box. Due to construction and the changing city landscape of Seattle, we no longer have access to a facility that can produce those truffles. Earlier this year we sunset our ganache truffles. Though we hope to eventually bring them back, for 2019 we wanted to offer an alternative to our loyal fans - so we worked with our sister company Forte Chocolates to do so.

    Intrigue Chocolate and Forte have a long history together. We both focus on exploring and developing flavor through the medium of chocolate, are hyper vigilant about sanitation and process, and we share our expertise with each other. If you didn’t know, Intrigue Chocolate prepares all of Forte’s cocoa mix cans in our kitchen, and in exchange Karen and her team form our spiced bars in their facility. They are experts in the art of tempering. If you like honey in your chocolate bar - one of the most difficult ingredients to work with - then you want this team to make it happen.

    You can pick up a box in our retail stores (Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill), and we can ship boxes to you or someone else by ordering Online.

  • The “Classic” Cup of Cocoa?

    At Intrigue Chocolate, we have some opinions on what makes the perfect cup. We started by designing the flavor of the cocoa mix. Now, in collaboration with local Seattle ceramist and graphic designer, we are presenting the mug. Both are available now as a bundle Online.

    Although Corianton has been slinging clay as a side hustle for years, he is most well known for his graphic design work. At 25 he became the youngest Art Director for The Stranger, a well known Seattle news publication. He’s designed brand identities for restaurants, nightclubs, and Intrigue Chocolate Co! You can see more of his graphical work here:

    Aaron and I were recently at one of Corianton’s informal pottery shows and were struck by inspiration – a hand-crafted clay mug might just be the perfect vessel for hot cocoa. It’s tactile, rustic, and radiates warmth when held in the hands. But what about all of the other details?

    We brainstormed.

    Size – this cup is roughly 12oz. We determined this volume based on what we see customers like best at the coffeehouse. A 12oz mug is large enough for a full serving of cocoa, but not so large that it is difficult to hold. It leaves enough room for marshmallows or whipped cream, if that is part of your “classic cocoa” experience.

    Ridges – Corianton suggested the smoothly spiraled finger ridges because they were so satisfying to hold. Hands just naturally mold to the suggested grip. Because they are subtle, they have the benefit of fitting every hand shape, while also feeling bespoke. The extra curve means more of your hand can touch the mug and warm up.

    Color – Deep, rich, and speckled, just like cocoa powder. We chose a reflective, light glaze that will give the saturated brown of the hot cocoa some delicious contrast, while leaving the satisfying but stark white to the marshmallows.

    Who do you know that loves hot cocoa?

    Give the gift of experience this year, give the gift of hot cocoa. We have coupled the mug and the cocoa together to make a “Classic Cocoa Gift Set”, available now in our retail stores (Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill), and Online.

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