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Sipping Chocolate

Amazingly simple, delightfully complex, incredibly rich, but not terribly sweet - this 60% dark sipping chocolate is crafted on stone mills by the artisans at Intrigue. Read more about sipping chocolate on our blog.

Each tube contains 10.5oz of 60% chocolate, hand chopped into small chunks. Chocolate is a blend of origins.


1) Put 1.5oz of ground chocolate into a mixing bowl or small saucepan.

2) Add 1.5oz of boiling water, or simmering milk/alternative, or espresso. Stir until all chocolate lumps are gone.

3) Stir with a whisk or using a frothing wand to make it super silky.

Then serve and enjoy! Also good with a side of whipped cream and/or sweet bread.

Bonus recipes:

Add 3oz of hot cream to the above sipping chocolate to make a decadent DRINKING CHOCOLATE, or 8oz of hot milk for a better-than-classic HOT CHOCOLATE.