• Introducting 3 New Cocoa Mix Flavors

    We are proud to introduce three new hot cocoa mixes in our lineup! In addition to Vanilla, Lavender, and Jamaican, we now offer:

    • Cardamom
    • Mint
    • Cinnamon

    All six flavors of cocoa mix are now available to order through our online store, for purchase at the shop (where we also prepare hot cocoa drinks or iced chocolate milk to-go). All our cocoa mixes continue to be dairy free, and all three use real ingredients to flavor (instead of extracts) keeping flavors all very natural tasting and not too sweet.


    These three flavors became shop favorites after repeated experiments we conducted over the past year at our weekly, complimentary After Hours event on Thursday from 6pm-8pm. Every now and then an experiment is well received enough to make its way onto a special promo menu at the shop for sale. These new flavors were very much loved, and so we decided to expand our lineup.

    You’ve likely noticed that our packaging has become much more colorful. This was a recommendation by a couple very talented designers who recently started their own design firm called Headquarters in West Seattle. They made the case that our more limited color palette of brown and chartreuse worked when our product line was small, but as we expand we must assist the customer who is navigating products on the shelf first by size, shape, and color, not just by name. 6 cocoa cans of all the same colors would be too confusing and would look like a single flavor. So we added color to our brand, and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

    Let us know what you think!

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