Cacao Beans, Nibs, and Hulls

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Cacao Beans, Nibs, and Hulls

Our current selection of roasted cacao is a Criollo/Trinitario cross from Alto Beni in Bolivia, from the 2015 vintage. 

Description from the roaster:

"This particular cocoa has a nice mild but definite chocolate flavor. There is black and red plum in the nose. The plum backs off in the flavor, although it is still present as a soft, full mouth feel.  You then have layers of dark caramel, more soft, delicate fruits, a certain savory butteriness and a great chocolate backbone lacing it together all throughout.  Hints of cinnamon and allspice and the tiniest amount of black pepper linger.There is very little bitterness or astringency to speak of.  There is a clean grounding earthiness and just the slightest tartness (hardly worth calling acidity) to keep the flavor from being flabby.  Overall a well rounded and balanced...dare I say....approachable chocolate."

Cacao beans: These are whole, roasted cacao beans, with their hulls left on, un-winnowed. Can be crushed and used as a tea, eaten out of hand like you would a nut, or made into chocolate with the right equipment. 4oz resealable pouch.

Cacao nibs: Small pieces of the cracked cacao bean. These can be used to make a “Cacao Au Lait”, as a crunchy element in baked goods, a topping on ice cream or salads, used in granola bars or trail mixes, or just eaten by the handful. 4oz resealable pouch.

Cacao hulls: This is the thin, papery skin the surrounds the whole cacao bean. It’s rich in theobromine, which has a similar effect on the body as caffeine but with a much more gentle come-down. It makes a great tea and is a nice alternative - or addition - to coffee. 3oz resealable pouch.

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