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Cacao Hull Tea

Roasted Cacao Hulls:

This is the thin, papery layer that surrounds the whole cacao bean, and has the same complex and delightful aromas.

Cacao hulls make a great tea and coffee alternative (or addition!). They are rich in theobromine, a gentle and long-lasting stimulant that doesn’t trigger the jitters or anxiety of caffeine.


  • 1.5 tsp per 12oz mug
  • We recommend using a large tea basket or a French press, though it works just as well to pour your finished brew through a mesh strainer or paper filter.
  • Cacao hulls infuse best in very hot water (just off the boil) and a longer time (4-8 minutes).
  • They never become bitter, so don’t worry if you’ve left it too long!

Roasted cacao hulls

3oz resealable bag.

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