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Truffle Collection, 24pc Assortment

Intrigue Chocolate Co.'s award-winning ganache truffles are the heart of Intrigue and our flagship product for almost 17 years. During that time Chef Aaron has created over 400 flavors!

The 24pc box is a great collection for sharing with others, 2-4 people. (Each box is actually a "chocolatier's dozen", or 13 total flavors. So this box is a total of 26 truffles.)

Included are two of each flavor:

Grains of Paradise
Jasmine Green Tea
Lavender Lemonade
Loomi (black lime)
Mahlab (the seeds of the St.Lucie cherry)
Mocha (coffee bean)
Vanilla & Sea Salt
Smoked Sea Salt
Cacao Nib
Scotch Whisky
Pear Brandy & Honey
Nigella & Rose

Ingredients: Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla, soy lecithin), Cream (milk), flavors (as described in the truffle name).