• Week of Photos at Intrigue 4/24/17

    Sometimes the best way to communicate excitement around flavors and chocolate is through photography. Most of these photos go to our Instagram account where you can see even more of the photos the staff is creating, but we want to highlight some of the best ones each week here on the website.

    Sarah took this one of our Honey & Ginger truffle and really captured that sweet deliciousness that is honey. Honey softens the warmth of the ginger just slightly, so that it lingers after the chocolate has melted away.

    Matt was finally able to meet our long time partner Zen Dog (actually his name) from Zen Dog Tea House. We make a few custom flavors for Zen Dog using his tea blends, which you can try at our shop right now. Matt says, "What a great guy! Hope I’m as cool as he is when I’m his age." Good luck Matt! That's a tall order.

    Matt took a few truffles with him to share on the trail this week. Chocolate is always better with friends! Dark chocolate is a staple trail food snack, too. The truffles take that concept to a new level. Trick is keeping them from melting! But who cares, really, if it's melty when you're on the trail?

    Aaron looking quite mischievous as he serves up some of the chocolate-coffee dollop during our After Hours session at the shop. Seriously this is DELICIOUS and a front-running consideration for carrying at the shop all the time. It's made by blending fresh, organic heavy cream and lots (and lots) of our house-made vanilla hot cocoa mix until it’s thick and decadent. Imagine something like the texture of butter, but with a rich chocolate flavor, melting slowly over a small, hot cup of coffee.

    New Star Anise truffles at the shop. They’re just so pretty how could we resist taking pictures? Anise is such a beautiful flavor, and it's used as a subtle enhancement in so many of the foods we enjoy, but the spice itself gets a bad reputation due to the unpopularity of super-strong black licorice. It's so good though!

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