• 6 Helpful Tips for Surviving the Seattle Chocolate Salon

    The Seattle Chocolate Salon is this Sunday, May 5th! We expect to see all those familiar faces from last year, but if your new or wanting some insight, here are a few helpful tips. It may not seem like much, but 14 chocolate companies is a lot for your pallet to handle in one day.

    1) Check out the exhibitor list before hand and decide who is in your must see list. I've provided links to each of the chocolate vendors below. Consider if local matters to you, and consider a mix of sweet and not-as-sweet vendors to keep it interesting.

    2) Bring friends to share in the experience. They can help pull you over to hidden gems you may have missed along the way, and encourage you to talk out what you are tasting, and what you do and don't like, and why. This is especially true if you are not already a chocolate veteran.

    3) Bring a water bottle. They provide water near the door, but on occasion the water jug is empty. Have a back up plan. Water is key.

    4) Plan for a lunch break about an hour into your adventure. It may seem early, but after and hour of tasting you'll want to sit down, enjoy a bite to eat, and then finish your rounds. Too often we see people continue without taking a break, and by the time they reach the last chocolate vendors they aren't enjoying themselves anymore. Most vendors bring plenty of chocolate to share, so there is no need to worry that it will run out. You've got time. Take it slow.

    5) Bring cash. Most of the vendors have a way to take a credit card thanks to Square, but cash is much faster and you'll have preplanned exactly how much you are willing to spend on your favorite chocolates of the day before you even begin.

    6) Ask questions! These chocolates are a labor of love for the chocolatiers, and they want to share their story with you. It will give the chocolate so much more value if you know the philosophy and efforts behind it.

    If you are still looking to buy tickets, you can do so the Chocolate Salon website. We hope you enjoy yourselves, and see you there!

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    • Doreen Pendgracs says…

      Wish I could be there! I absolutely LOVE the sea salt caramels of Forte Chocolates. They are the best I’ve ever had. Lucky you, Seattle, for having them so nearby.

      on May 03, 2013

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