• Intrigue Chocolate Supports GiveBIG, the Compass Housing Alliance, and Sanctuary Arts Center

    Have you seen Aaron in this shirt before? Did you know the shirt was created (art & screen printing) by an organization that supports homeless youth?

    Our customers (you guys) are charitable people, so we tend to get a lot of requests for donated items. We love that! But we had to get selective. With some soul searching, we decided Intrigue was best focused on "populations at risk in our community". That theme stretches from the homeless in Pioneer Square to the youth shelters in the U District to the fair treatment of cacao farmers half way across the world.

    Today you have the opportunity to GiveBIG with a gift to the Compass Housing Alliance, a nonprofit offering housing, shelter and support to homeless and low-income people. When you give $75 or more to Compass Housing Alliance during GiveBIG (today only! May 6th before 11:59pm tonight!), you also get a coupon for free Truffle Bar from Intrigue Chocolate Co.

    Click below to GiveBIG to the Compass Housing Alliance!

    And if you like the t-shirt, you find them at the Sanctuary Art Center. They are also participating in GiveBIG, but they aren't partnering for free truffle bars. *chuckle* You are still welcome to come to the shop for a tasting though!

    You can read more about the GiveBIG effort here:

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