• The “Classic” Cup of Cocoa?

    At Intrigue Chocolate, we have some opinions on what makes the perfect cup. We started by designing the flavor of the cocoa mix. Now, in collaboration with local Seattle ceramist and graphic designer, we are presenting the mug. Both are available now as a bundle Online.

    Although Corianton has been slinging clay as a side hustle for years, he is most well known for his graphic design work. At 25 he became the youngest Art Director for The Stranger, a well known Seattle news publication. He’s designed brand identities for restaurants, nightclubs, and Intrigue Chocolate Co! You can see more of his graphical work here: www.headquarters.studio

    Aaron and I were recently at one of Corianton’s informal pottery shows and were struck by inspiration – a hand-crafted clay mug might just be the perfect vessel for hot cocoa. It’s tactile, rustic, and radiates warmth when held in the hands. But what about all of the other details?

    We brainstormed.

    Size – this cup is roughly 12oz. We determined this volume based on what we see customers like best at the coffeehouse. A 12oz mug is large enough for a full serving of cocoa, but not so large that it is difficult to hold. It leaves enough room for marshmallows or whipped cream, if that is part of your “classic cocoa” experience.

    Ridges – Corianton suggested the smoothly spiraled finger ridges because they were so satisfying to hold. Hands just naturally mold to the suggested grip. Because they are subtle, they have the benefit of fitting every hand shape, while also feeling bespoke. The extra curve means more of your hand can touch the mug and warm up.

    Color – Deep, rich, and speckled, just like cocoa powder. We chose a reflective, light glaze that will give the saturated brown of the hot cocoa some delicious contrast, while leaving the satisfying but stark white to the marshmallows.

    Who do you know that loves hot cocoa?

    Give the gift of experience this year, give the gift of hot cocoa. We have coupled the mug and the cocoa together to make a “Classic Cocoa Gift Set”, available now in our retail stores (Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill), and Online.

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