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Quiche, Refugees, Game Night, and Pride

June 07, 2018

Every few days a tour group comes to the Pioneer Square Tasting Bar. The tour guides always tell these Seattle visitors to “go by the chocolate shop just around the corner”. So cool! These folks are usually wide-eyed, excited, but also sometimes exhausted and over saturated. We try to give them the best Seattle has to offer regardless of their emotional state, because we pride ourselves on our ability to share a truly memorable experience.

Problem is, it can take longer than 5 minutes to taste the chocolate, make a selection, and get back to the bus! Often it is our shop that makes folks late, and the bus driver knows it.

So we like to thank the bus driver with chocolate, both for their referral and their patience. We send away our guests with a smile on their faces and a piece of Seattle’s chocolate culture to share with friends and family when they return home, as well as a little chocolate to give their bus driver as a thank you.

Who do you want to thank today? Consider expressing your gratitude with chocolate. Visit our online store, or visit one of our locations in Seattle, and make someone’s day.


What’s Happening at Intrigue?!

Chocolate & Coffeehouse

We are expanding our food menu at the coffeehouse! Oh, my WORD, are these good!! Enjoy these new creations with your mochas and lattes:

  • Yogurt Parfait – Not your typical parfait, this creation is made in-house with fruit at the bottom, delicious honey Greek yogurt from Zoi, and walnut-ginger granola with cacao nibs to mix in. Take your time with it; there are a lot of flavors to explore and enjoy here.
  • Chia Pudding – An option for those looking for vegan friendly, as well as glutten and soy free. These are chia seeds mixed with Oatly (oat milk), with fruit and our house-made cardamom sugar. It is a semi-sweet pudding perfect for pairing with a latte or cold brew.
  • Breakfast burritos (meat and veggie options) – You have to try these egg and cheese burritos (with black beans or sausage)! Let us heat them up in the toaster oven for you so they are crispy and warm. You won’t find these at the Central Co-op or Trader Joes!
  • Quiche (meat and veggie options) – Silky smooth egg custard with cheese. Grab a slice, let us heat it for you so it’s melty and warm, and enjoy your breakfast in the pleasant natural light of our high windows.

The Chocolate

We are currently sold out of our own spiced chocolate bars!

We will be restocked in a week or so. Thank you for your patience – they are worth the wait. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how fast these are flying off the shelf. Some of your are positively heartbroken, we know, but you can still request tastings of the chocolate bars at the Tasting Bar in Pioneer Square while we wait.

Check out the amazing truffle flavors Aaron has crafted for us this week:

Framboise & Honey
Orange & Sea Salt
Black Licorice
Pear Brandy & Honey
Jasmine Tea & Loomi (black lime)
Jamaican Hot Chocolate


Company Happenings

A Reading for Refugees Monday, June 18th

This month we are pleased to host one of our former employees, Judy Wilson,  to discuss the refugee situation in Iraq and Syria where she and her husband have been volunteering for the last year doing good work. Check out the Stranger's description of the event. We will be donating a % of sales from the evening to their charity. Save the date!


Announcing: GAME NIGHT

On Sunday evenings from 6pm to close we are hosting a game night. Come sit and watch a game, or join in, or bring a game you would like to play with others. We have a small library of donated games to get you started. If you do bring a game try to keep it compact – there are a couple large tables to spread out on but smaller games are more easily staged.

If you would like to join the mailing list to get notifications about events like this one, you can do so by going to any page on our website and registering at the bottom.

If you want to create or bring your group to meet at the Coffeehouse, let Karl know at so we can set your group up with a reserved area of seating and anything else you might need.


And of course, Happy Pride!

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