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No Peanuts or Gluten in this Chocolate, We Think

July 20, 2017

We are often asked if our chocolate contains any nuts or gluten. Our kitchen is not certified nut-free nor gluten-free, so for people with severe and dangerous allergies our answer needs to be complex to be clear. Here’s a bit more information for you to make an informed decision.

We do not allow nuts or flour to enter our kitchen, and we take serious care with ingredients that may be of concern. We do this because some allergies - especially nuts and gluten - are so scary (!) and we want to limit our exposure to any customer surprise reactions.

It is important to note that we use ingredients that come from a variety of sources where we do not have insight into possible cross-contamination issues. Therefore we can only say that there are no nuts and gluten as ingredients in the chocolate, with that caveat that they “may have been processed in a facility with…” For those reasons we deliberately do not make bold claims.

Truffle flavors of note regarding nuts:


After some research we decided it was okay to include Mahlab in our lineup, but is an uncommon spice without much information available and therefore carries with it a bit of risk. Mahlab is the seed from the inside of a cherry pit and comes from the Mediterranean. It is not listed on any of the allergen websites as a nut allergy risk, but it is part of the Prunus genus which means it is related to almond. When we do make this flavor it's the last in the day and we wash the chocolate molds immediately afterward to reduce risk of potential cross contamination, just to be extra cautious.


We stopped using liqueurs that list nut flavors. We weren’t comfortable enough with that. Goodbye, Frangelico! 

Many liqueurs don’t list any ingredients. Apparently it’s not required for some bizarre reason. When we have even marginal concerns, we exercise caution and clean thoroughly afterward. If you know of any hidden nut risks, please tell us! 

Truffle flavors of note regarding gluten:

Stout Beer and Barley Malt

Beer are made with malts from various grains. Gluten is definitely present but containable (no dust), so we make these only once a year, last batch of the week, and clean everything thoroughly. 

Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch

Similar to the stout beer, these liqueurs are made with grains. Though the liquor is distilled and should have no gluten, some trace proteins might possibly occur. We use these, but fully disclose so that you can judge for yourself based on your individual experience. 

We encourage you to ask us if you have any questions regarding ingredient intolerances! Please feel free to send us an email or ask in the shop. If we don’t know right away we’ll research for you. Happy chocolate eating!

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