• Intrigue Chocolate's Health Care-Package

    Intrigue Chocolate’s Health Care-Package is off to a great start! We have generated enough funds to send out another 4 of these care packages; that makes 7 total!

    However, although we have 4 to send out we have only 3 nominees at the moment! Who is on the front line that you would like to nominate?

    If you are new to the concept of what we are offering in the “Health Care-Package”, here’s the gist: Our customers are adding a little bit extra to their online orders to put money into a fund that supports our first-response community by sending a gift of comforting chocolate for them and/or their family. We are taking nominations - an easy way to nominate someone is to email Karl@IntrigueChocolate.com, or as a message on Facebook, Instagram, or respond in the comments to this blog.

    We have received a lot of positive feedback about the effort. You can read more and participate by going here: Intrigue Chocolate’s Health Care-Package

    FAQ: Can I send chocolate to a specific first-responder?
    Answer: Yes! Place the online order like usual and make their address the shipping address. Be sure to include a note to them in the “special instructions” field during checkout. Put a few extra dollars in the fund if you would like to help a randomly chosen first-responder receive a gift.

    FAQ: Can I contribute and nominate someone?
    Answer: Yes! The contribution will go into a fund and a nominee is selected *at random*. If you would like a specific first-responder to receive your gift, simply place the order on the shopping care normally and include their address and your note in checkout.

    FAQ: What’s in the Health Care-Package?
    Answer: $30 worth of chocolate (a mix of cocoa, chocolate bars, and snacking chocolate). The other $10 covers shipping costs.


    Here are inspiring testimonials we’ve received. Names have been removed for privacy:

    “[Doctor] is one of the most selfless and thoughtful doctors I've known. She has been doing home visits for critical patients instead of having them compromise their SD and immune by going in public. She has also been spending her personal time delivering supplies to clients in need all over the PNW. She is amazing!

    “This is so cool, Thank you for doing this for Healthcare workers putting their lives at risk to help us in this time of need. =) “

    “[Nurse] is a Cardiovascular ICU Registered Nurse in San Francisco. He's been definitely working on the front lines and if he gets chosen to receive a care package that would just be wonderful way to show a little appreciation for the enormous role he is playing every time he goes to work.”

    “[Nurse], an ICU nurse working in the Covid unit at St. Joe's, Ann Arbor, MI. Among other things, [Nurse]'s job involves rapidly getting non ICU nurses up to speed as they bring nurses from other units in. He's was also tasked early on with figuring out how to rig up supplies in short supply. [Nurse] is working a county over from Detroit, one of the hardest hit areas in the country, and cases have been rapidly spreading out from there. [Nurse] also has a 5-year old and an 8-year old at home.”

    “Nominating [PA]! (My sister) works in urgent care as a physician’s assistant. She as hard worker and helps others whenever they need her.

    Thank you for everyone’s support! Participate in helping our first responders here: Intrigue Chocolate’s Health Care-Package

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