• Signage Installation: A Picture Book

    Our signs are complete! This was one of the most cumbersome tasks required to open the shop, but they are now up and looking beautiful.

    Both the main window sign and the awning are hand painted. Being hand lettered means the edges are ever so slightly imperfect, which gives the work a sense of personality and depth. Work was completed by Sean Barton who also did the signs for Bar Sajor, London Plane, and E Smith Mercantile in the neighborhood.

    One of the coolest features of the new signage is the gold leaf outlines on the letters and logo. This added significant cost, but it was a area Aaron and I decided was appropriate to spend a little extra. Gold leaf creates a mirror effect that gives the sign movement when you pass by, as well as a classic, timeless character.


    Gold leaf is carefully placed across the entire letter, and an adhesive of water and gelatin is brushed over the gold which helps it stick to the glass and then dry flat.

    Each letter is then cut out leaving a lot of gold scraps! Sean said in the old days the scraps would be collected and sold back to the "gold man", but there is no "gold man" anymore. He still keeps them in a small Grey Poupon jar to use in a different way on other projects.

    Once the gold is dry and the letters filled in, the gold outline really pops. This is what catches the eye when folks walk by. Pictures really don't do it justice.

    The awning had a previous tenant's lettering shadowing in the black fabric. Instead of replacing the awning entirely, Sean was able to sand down the fabric so the shadow is significantly less visible, and really only from very specific angles.

    A beautiful finished product after 3 days. Well done Sean!

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    • Mary Beth says…

      Absolutely beautiful… The gold was a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to get up to Seattle to see the shop in person. Buona Fortuna

      on September 23, 2015

    • Candy says…

      Truly a work of art. Just like the product behind the signs! It’s been a story book of it’s own watching your business grow. Although I live so far away, it’s just a shipment waiting to happen. Wishes for continued good fortunes! (And reminder to self to find a reason to order!)

      on September 22, 2015

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