• Italian Sodas, Chocolate Milk, and Broken Windows

    Spring time at the chocolate shop is always a bit weird. Everyone starts to relax a bit and get back to a normal pace after the holidays, but at the same time the shadow of all those yearly goal projects set to the back burner starts to loom over the team. “You mean its March and we haven’t even started on that yet?!”. Nope. But we are starting now, so don’t get too comfortable.

    Mother’s Day Alert - Mother’s Day is on the Sunday the 8th of May this year. That means you have about 3 weeks to figure out what you want to do. If chocolate is a consideration, feel free to put an order in online and ask that we wait to ship it until closer to the day of. That’s no problem for us.

    New Products

    Sugars - Sugars have made their way onto our shelves and into the online shopping cart. We are often asked what to do with flavored sugar. Well, what do you normally do with sugar?! The flavors are all natural ingredients that have been stone-mill ground into a cane sugar, the same way we prepare them for our cocoa mixes. You can sprinkle them over whipped cream, stir them into coffees or teas, or even bake with them for a little extra flavor.

    Italian Sodas & Chocolate Milk – Hot cocoas are dandy, but often people want something icy cold and refreshing during the summer. We’ve increased the size of the Italian sodas and now offer them To Go. These are made with the infused simple syrups Aaron created. These sodas are seriously delicious, and seem to advertise themselves. After a customer buys one and carries it out of the shop in hand, we always have another couple of people come in afterward to ask about them. Stop on by and try for yourself!

    Shop Happenings

    Break In - Unfortunately we had our first large scale theft happen early morning on on Sunday the 10th. Someone broke through our side window and stole all our electronics – shop ipad (where we kept notes for making cocoas and sodas, and inventory lists), the phone, and the kindle provided to us by amazon for delivery orders. Fortunately the culprit was not able to figure out the register to open it or carry it away, leaving it behind intact, which felt like a small victory.

    Aaron and I spent the better part of that Sunday talking to the police, preparing a list of stolen goods for the insurance company, and boarding up the windows. A sad day, but we are grateful it wasn’t any worse. The weirdo never went near the chocolate, if you can believe that.

    Flavors on Website - One of the most common questions we receive is “What flavors do you have right now?”. Because our inventory is perishable and rotates quickly it has not been an easy question to answer, especially online! Now we have a solution.

    Each morning the staff person at the shop will post to twitter the flavors of which we have full inventories (to make it likely we still have those flavors by the end of the day if ordered online). That twitter feed now automatically feeds into our website. So, if you would like order truffle bars of, say, bourbon and vanilla bean, head to our Truffle Bar page on our website to see if they're currently in stock.

    What’s next

    Wholesale Outreach - We’ve always had a strong offering for wine bars with the truffles and pairings, but with the addition of the syrups to go with our cocoa mixes we’ve found a nice complement with coffee shops. We’d like to grow our list of business clients. So, if you know of good coffee shops, wine bars, cocktail lounges, and /or neighborhood markets that might benefit by offering our specialty goods, let us know and we’ll reach out to them!

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    • Victoria ryan says…

      Love your chocolates, do you ship? We live in New Orleans. Keeping my fingers crossed. So sorry to hear about the break in.

      on October 08, 2016

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