• Contest: Reuse Our Chocolate Boxes, Win Fetching Sunglasses

    The folks at Rivet & Sway saw the goodbye reusing their boxes. We were hugely flattered when CEO Sarah came by the shop with a large thank-you bouquet of flowers. They smell amazing in the chocolate shop. She didn't know it, but peonies are Aaron's favorite. Seriously, Sarah and the whole Rivet & Sway team is awesome. I might still be blushing.

    She also delivered to us a full box of their packaging, sunglasses included. What a gift! Everyone at the shop has a beard, chops wood in their spare time, and catches fish barehanded every night for dinner. Although these high-end, beautiful frames make us look downright "fetch", they just aren't our everyday style. They will be a better fit on you.

    I don't know much about women's sunglasses so I hope these pictures do justice to what you could win. Feel free to offer up what you know about them in the comments section if you have better context.

    The contest

    Your Creativity: Show us your cleverest reuse of Intrigue Chocolate Co packaging. Any item will do, be it a 12pc box, cocoa tins, brochures, etc. And it should be mentioned, good "reuse" doesn't have to be pretty. Environmentally savvy is sexy.

    How You Enter:  Enter by tweeting a picture to @IntrigueChocola with the hashtag #reuse.

    How You're Deemed Cleverest: Winners are chosen by us completely on a whim based on what we like.

    What You Win: First pick at the sunglasses. Runner up will get second pick, and so on until all five are in your hands. Multiple submissions are welcome to better your chances at first pick.

    When You'll Know: Contest will end July 1st and we'll tweet you!

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    • MB says…

      I posted my photo on Facebook!

      on June 26, 2014

    • Karl says…

      Ha! Thanks Theresa. That’s my best angle.

      on June 20, 2014

    • Theresa D. says…

      I LOVE your idea of reusing the packaging but I think you do look stunning in the glasses!

      on June 20, 2014

    • Rita R says…

      What a great idea! Gotta think of a creative re-use… And I have to agree with you, those glasses would look much better on me than on Karl!

      on June 16, 2014

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