• Announcing Cold Brew Coffee by Intrigue Chocolate Co.

    We are proud to announce Intrigue Chocolate Co.’s new Cold Brew Coffee. We’ve been using the beans to make our mocha truffles for years, and brewing cold brew to share with visitors since last summer. Due to popular request we are now offering cold brew to take home with you.

    Cold brew has an incredibly fresh coffee bean flavor. The key is a 24-hour brewing process which reduces the acidity by about two-thirds that of standard, hot-brewed coffee. This method increases the caffeine levels, so drinker beware of that concentrate unless you plan to stay up all night to drive across country.

    Cold brew comes in a pint-sized bottle, with your choice of three strengths: concentrate (full strength), strong (1:1 dilution), and session (3:1 dilution). Available in-store only.

    Concentrate: $11
    Strong: $7
    Session: $5

    Return your bottle for a refill and receive a free truffle.

    We’ve done some fun things with the cold brew ourselves at home, such as creating coffee liqueurs, lattes, and almost instant hot coffee. If you find something you want to share, please do let us know!

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