Chef's Assortments

Take a chance, let Intrigue Chocolate surprise you! Exploring flavor is what we do best. We'll send you an assortment of what's fresh, seasonal, and delightful.

Minimally processed, hand-formed, and rough-tempered craft chocolate made from the bean on a stone mill right in our shop. 

Origin chocolate base will vary. Inclusions will vary.

Each collection contains six 1 oz packets. No soy, dairy, nuts, or gluten

Chef's Assortment - 6 different chocolates, with or without inclusions. This collection will be flavors from our complete inventory, including various origins without inclusions. (We will not include 100% chocolate unless requested.)

Fruit Assortment - 6 chocolates, each with a different fruit embedded or dipped. This assortment will include flavors from our current inventory and may not listed on the website for individual sale.

Origin Assortment - 6 different chocolates without inclusions, each at 60% cacao and made with cacao beans from different countries/regions. 

Vegan Assortment - They're all vegan so far, so this is essentially the Chef's Assortment. But this makes sure, just in case we add dairy or honey in future batches. :)