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Chocolate Tasting Kits & Classes

Chocolate Tasting Kits & Virtual Tasting Classes with Intrigue

We are happy to provide you with a relaxed chocolate tasting experience for individuals and groups. These Tasting Kits are perfect for gifts, expanding your palate, family and friend gatherings, team building or team reward opportunities designed to educate. 

The kit includes everything you need for a DIY tasting experience. 
** Click Here for More information on Team Building Opportunities with the Chocolatier**



  • Six 1oz bars of craft chocolate, chef’s choice of flavors
  • Two sachets of cacao tea
  • One sample of roasted cacao beans
  • The Craft Chocolate Tasting Guide & Worksheet 

INGREDIENTS: Roasted cacao nibs, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla beans, sea salt. (Contents may vary to include the addition of a spice or oat milk powder. Contact us directly if you have questions.)