• PreSale of the Classic Chocolate Truffles!

    We are so excited to be offering you a 12 pc box from Intrigue Chocolate this Valentines Day! Order your box online here!

    Andrea Terrinzio from Dolcetta Sweets has agreed to help us achieve this goal in her production space located in SODO. Andrea and Aaron have a long history of making chocolate in shared spaces, going back all the way to 2007 when both were making ganache in a shared space in Lower Queen Anne.

    There is a limited number of boxes we can produce. We recommend pre-ordering a box from our website for shipping and delivery by going here: [link]. All orders will be shipped out on the 10th of February to arrive the 11th, 12th, or at latest the 13th of February.

    Whatever is not pre-sold and shipped will be available in both retail locations for that week of Valentines, Friday the 7th through Sunday the 16th. There are no customer flavor assortments. Flavors will be a collection of our most popular from our 14 years of experience:

    Every day we have guests come in to request the truffle boxes, and we’ve received a lot of support and encouragement to bring them back via social media channels. Thank you for bearing with us while we work out a solution - the best way you can help us accomplish this goal is by pre-ordering a box for your someone special  today!

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