• Bean Count Contest Winners

    Few of us have interest in becoming a professional bean counter, but as a guessing game it drew interest! Last month we had a bean count guessing contest running in the shop (link) with the prize being a handy Amazfit Activity tracker worth $80 retail, and chocolate.

    The total number of beans in the bin was 4,218. Some of your guesses were way over the top! Our highest guess was 100,000, and the lowest was 444. Quite a spread.

    And the winners (drumroll please…):

    1st Evan Luza
    2nd Charlotte Abrams
    3rd Sebastian Robbins
    4th Justin Pratt
    5th Mariangela Crus
    6th Sarah Gingell
    7th Vitalie
    8th Drew Nelson
    9th J.T.
    10th Terie Bednarski

     Winners will be emailed and can pick up their Amazfit Tracker and a $10 chocolate gift certificate at the shop any time. Well done!

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