• Chai by any other name...


    Did you know that "chai" in fact means "tea"?  We often see the redundant listing of "chai tea" on menus.  It's kind of like saying "tea tea".  And "tea" very specifically refers to the dried leaves or leaf buds of the Camellia sinensis plant.

    The proper name for this beverage is masala chai, literally meaning mixed spices and tea leaves.  And such a wonderful Indian drink it is!  I will update the labels for this chocolate truffle on the next printing, but for now we've gone with the American naming convention.

    Chai Tea chocolate truffles are full of exciting flavors.  Fifteen herbs, fruits, and spices to be exact!  I start with Morning Glory Chai's original blend of whole ingredients, then tweak a few of them to my own taste.  LOL  I never could leave well enough alone.


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