• New Items: Greeting Cards and Canvas Bags

    We are proud to announce two new items to the shopping cart: greeting cards, and logo'd canvas bags.

    The beautiful greeting cards are produced by photographer Charity Burggraaf, the same photographer responsible for all the professional looking photos on our website (some of them we've taken and attempted to mimic her style, like the bag below... we do ok, but Charity is better!). These cards are blank on the inside, so you can write what you wish. Or you can request we write something inside the card and one of us at Intrigue with good penmanship will put it together for you. You can see all seven styles of greeting card here.

    Canvas bags joined our line up as more of a necessity. Turns out large orders of chocolate really need a strong bag to help carry them home! The bags are 100% cotton, well constructed, and big enough to hold a couple one-gallon jugs. You can order your own canvas bags here for, well, all the obvious reasons you would want a canvas bag.

    The supplier and the screen printing is fulfilled by a local non-profit Sanctuary Arts Center which strives to serve homeless youth by providing a safe, warm place during the day where the youth can experience success through art. Screen printing allows SAC to fund part of the program while also providing internship and basic job skill learning opportunities to youth that qualify. We proudly support them!

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