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11 Ways to Reuse Intrigue Chocolate Packaging

July 01, 2014

Everyone likes the concept of clever ideas for reusing what would normally be thrown into the garbage or recycled, but sometimes actually taking a step to reuse an item can be troublesome. If inspiration is your obstacle, maybe these 11 ways to reuse our packaging can help you drum up some ideas.

Many of these suggestions were sent to us from customers that are reusing our packaging. We asked for submissions as a contest to win one pair of the five sunglasses from Rivet & Sway. First place gets first pick, second place second pick, and so on. Since we had 6 people submit entries, 6th place will receive a $10 online shopping cart credit as consolation.

Our guest judge for this competition was Karen Neugebauer, chocolatier of Forte Chocolates. Thanks Karen!


Reuse #1: Box insert as a bookmark

Submitted by Charity Burggraaf, our 1st place winner, is the idea to use the box insert and ribbon as a bookmark. It’s functional and beautiful with just a touch of effort. Well done, Charity!

Reuse #2: Thermal envelopes used as a phone protector

Sarah Thomas needs to protect her phone from the hot Atlanta sun that beats down on her car while she visits clients at the jail. Thermal envelopes make a great temperature barrier, even if you’re just trying to keep something at room temperature! Nice work, Sarah, you’re our second place winner.

Reuse #3: Chocolate box hide-away

We’re not really sure what Stacy is up to, but we hope it’s at least a little bit no-good-for-nobody. She hides away a small bottle of liquor in her empty box. Nice work, Stacy, we like the way you think. You are our 3rd place winner.

Reuse #4: A toy

Is there anything more fun for a kid than a box? Agnes likes to make a cozy little bed for her toy pets with the empty box. Or maybe it is a boat that is a about to sail in the lake? Either way, well done, Agnes and Rita, you are our 4th place winners.

Reuse #5: Cocoa tins as a vase

Mary Beth likes to pick flowers out in Palm Springs and needs a way to display them. The cocoa tins make a great container for all sorts of items, including flowers! We think it looks great next to that sleek black cat sculpture, Mary Beth. Congratulations, you’re our 5th place winner.

Reuse #6: Thermal envelop as a heavy duty traveling bag

Some items need a bit more protection when traveling. We use the thermal envelop as a protection from temperature change, but it can also be a nice padding for more fragile items like makeup and other beautifying products when traveling. Good thinking, Shekinah! You are our runner up, so you will be receiving a $10 online chocolate shop credit.

Reuse #7: Box base as a seedling start bed

Also submitted by Charity is the idea to use the base as a seedling start bed. Although the box is not entirely compostable (we must use some glue to hold it together, and the paints are not soy based), it is a great way to get a few sprouts in motion.

Reuse #8: Cold brew bottle as a vase

Similar to Mary Beth’s idea, you can use the empty bottles of cold brew as a vase also.

Reuse #9: Box lids as office supply or game organizers

Flip those lids upside down for a little cubby holder for office supplies. Looks great and keeps you organized! Same goes for Nintendo game cartridges, courtesy of Vivian. Nice work Vivian! You are also a runner up and will receive a $10 online gift certificate.

Reuse #10: Cocoa tins as spice containers

Slap a piece of scotch tape over the face of the tin and fill it with whatever spice you want to keep handy when cooking. The lid is snug and creates an airtight barrier. We found it handy for dried onion flakes, chili powder, and garlic flakes.

Reuse #11: Reuse the paper bags as envelopes

It’s an easy craft project to turn the paper bag into an envelope. If you have little ones, we recommend this! You can find a quick tutorial here on how to make an envelope.


We still want to see your clever idea for packaging reuse! Send them to us @intriguechocola on twitter, or on our Facebook page.

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