• Aaron On the Seattle Kitchen Discusses the Chocolate Salon, and Kicks Butt on the Quiz

    Aaron on the Seattle Kitchen Show! You can hear his segment at 32:40, and then the quiz at 53:45.

    Seattle Kitchen is a local podcast put on by two Seattle food celebrities, Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau. They discuss food industry trends, new food hotspots in the city, and general food preparation topics. This time Aaron was invited to join them to discuss the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon. This is the second interview Aaron has given on the show. You can listen to the first Seattle Kitchen interview with Intrigue Chocolate Co here.

    Aaron's advice for the Chocolate Salon? Come for the day, try everything, and bring a bottle of water. *chuckle*

    The conversation quickly turns to how the Salon's focus is more on chocolatiers (those that make a confection with chocolate), instead of chocolate makers (those that take a bean and turn it into a chocolate bar). Aaron is a chocolatier. As consumers become more experienced chocolate tasters there is a growing expectation that a chocolatier is also a chocolate maker. We would like to eventually be a bean to bar maker, but that is a long road and we are making small steps towards that end. Regardless, the opportunity for creative expression in the confection making process is very deep and there is a lot to explore at the Salon.

    Then there is a food quiz at 53:45. Since Aaron listens to the podcast every week he was very excited to match his food knowledge with Tom and Thierry. The loser ponies up a a prize for a luckly listener, so Aaron committed to a 24 piece box and free truffle tasting (the truffle tasting is available to anyone that visits the shop *wink*). I won't give any spoilers, you'll just have to listen for yourself.

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