• Caviar Offers Same Day Chocolate Delivery

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    Intrigue Chocolate Co. is proud to announce our partnership with, a delivery service for local Seattle restaurants. You get same day chocolate delivery. (We know that makes sense for some of you today, being Valentine's day. *chuckle*)

    We get a surprising number of Seattle addresses on our website orders.  Compared to other orders we ship across the country, Seattle orders are such a short journey for the postman, takes nearly the same amount of time to arrive, and costs just a much. That seems unfair and Caviar helps to solve that.

    There is a delivery fee for Caviar of around $10, but that is what you'd pay the post office anyway only they can't deliver the chocolate on the same day and often within the hour of your order like Caviar can do.

    Of course you are all still encouraged to visit us at the shop in Pioneer Square. Please do come by, try the chocolate, and chat about the wonderful world of food. Happy Valentine's Day!

  • Bitcoin for Chocolate Truffles, Why We Now Accept Bitcoin

    Intrigue Chocolate is proud to announce we now accept Bitcoin on our website!

    So what is Bitcoin?  In a nutshell, it's a type of internet currency. You buy bitcoin with real dollars, store the coins in a digital wallet, and then spend the coins where accepted on the web.

    There are several benefits to the Bitcoin system, both for the consumer and the seller:

    • The transaction has a competitively small middleman cost. Because there isn't a large bank required to pay thousand of employees, the cost of exchanging "money" is reduced to only the cost of validating the exchange.  The exchange is managed on the open market by "miners" who are paid in new coin to run software that validates the transaction.  This is a more complex yet endlessly fascinating topic, so research more at the risk of your afternoon!
    • The complexity of handling foreign currency is minimized. Since everyone buys and converts bitcoin with their native currency, the Bitcoin receiver can convert the coin back into the seller's native currency even though the person sending the bitcoin to them bought it with a different currency.  Intrigue Chocolate will receive the trade of coin through a service called Bitpay which will immediately convert it into USD and send it our way, which makes it easier for us to manage and account.
    • As a consumer, it's easy to send Bitcoin to whoever for whatever. Want to tip someone in a forum for a good post? Send them a $1 worth of Bitcoin! Want to pay an anonymous digital someone for doing a quick job for you? Send them the equivalent in Bitcoin!

    We believe in the Bitcoin system and we want to support it.  For Bitcoin to grow and be viable, there need to be a variety of places to spend and trade the Bitcoin. Shopify integrated with Bitpay to make that easy for us to adopt, so why not?

    If you have Bitcoin, you can now spend it on chocolate!

    If you are curious and want to learn more, try this resource here:

  • Boy-o-boy we are selling out fast this year, and it's bittersweet.

    Selling out is a good problem to have, right?  At least, we keep telling ourselves that.  On one hand we are so flattered at such a positive response, but on the other it's actually very painful and awkward for us to say, and for you the customer to hear, "sorry, we're sold out of that right now."

    We know the journey to our shop can be difficult, and we encourage you to get your heart set on a particular flavor you love... so when you trek all the way to us and are disappointed, we feel it too.

    There is good news; we are crafting more and have a small supply of chocolate ready today.  Come get it!  But to ensure you walk away happy, we request you do the following:

    1. If the journey to the shop in Pioneer Square is a long one for you, call ahead:  206-829-8810.  Or shoot us a message on Facebook.  It is a good time right now to stop by the shop, but boxes are selling quickly.
    2. Order online if you don't want to risk it and don't mind waiting a few days.  The little bit of extra time to put your order together is often the difference maker.
    3. Please don't ever walk away disappointed.  If things seem to go terribly wrong, we'll figure it out together and make good if you'll let us.

    Thank you again for your patience, and especially for your interest in the chocolate.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Happy Holidays Flavor Explorers!

    Chocolate and the holidays go together like biscuits and gravy, like salt and pepper, like beer and campfire... or in this case hot chocolate and campfire.

    However you are celebrating the end of the year, we have options that will make the month delightful: 

    If you are giving chocolate as a gift this season, please remember that the truffles need to be refrigerated and eaten within one month.  The last day for shipment this month in time for the Christmas holiday will be the 21st.  After that, online orders will be cutting it close and may not arrive until later that week.

    Happy holidays!

  • Last Day: Chocolate for Thanksgiving

    Did you end up with your name next to "Dessert", or maybe "Appetizer" on the feast day to-do list?  If you are traveling, or simply don't have much time, chocolate truffles or truffle bars are a great way to share the love without increasing your stress.

    Truffle bars are our recommended way to share chocolate at the table.  As seen in the image above, you can unwrap a few bars, set them on a board with a knife, and let people take what they'd like while drinking wine and sharing conversation. You'll be surprised how quickly the chocolate goes!

    Today is the last day to order chocolate to guarantee it will arrive before Thursday.  
    Here's what the shop menu looks like today:

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