Pate de Fruit + Origin Chocolate

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Pate de Fruit + Origin Chocolate

This seasons flavor: Cacao Fruit

This intensely aromatic and lush flavor of cacao fruit will have you exclaiming - or mumbling - with delight. We work with a local artisan (Bill Fredericks, The Chocolate Man) to produce the best pate de fruit we’ve ever tasted, then dip each piece in our own minimally processed Mexico 60% craft chocolate.

Cacao fruit is like a melody of tropical fruits. So unique, complex, and delicious! The chocolate grounds the experience by giving the bright fruit flavor a complimentary contrast.

Ingredients: cacao nibs, demerara cane sugar, fruit jellies [cacao fruit, sugar, pectin, lemon juice], cocoa butter.

1 per package. No soy, dairy, nuts, or gluten.s

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