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Creole Spice

This 70% craft chocolate tasting bar is made in collaboration with Chef Kristi Brown (Communion R&B, That Brown Girl Cooks). Her signature Creole spice blend is used in many of the exceptional dishes at her highly acclaimed restaurant and catering businesses.

The Creole spices marry well with the cacao nibs from Ecuador, creating a joyfully balanced fruity warmth from the chilies and peppers, as well as a surprisingly herbaceous and earthy finish from the other familiar culinary ingredients. This bar is for those who like to ride the line between sweet and savory.

While the specific blend of spices is Chef Brown’s trade secret, she has generously offered to answer any specific allergen concerns you may have.

Ingredients: roasted cacao nibs (Ecuador), raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, Creole spice blend (Communion R&B, call 206.391.8140 with questions).