Conduit Coffee Beans

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Conduit Coffee Beans
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Add some coffee to your chocolate order!  Though they originated from opposite sides of the globe, coffee and chocolate have traded places in many ways.  They almost seem to have been made for each other.

We are proud to offer you the same coffee beans that we have been using to make our Mocha Truffles and Truffle Bars.  Conduit Coffee is an artisan roaster in Seattle.  Not only are we big fans of their coffee, we like how they think.


From Jesse Nelson, owner and roaster at Conduit Coffee Company: 

Acting as a “conduit” is to act like a provider or purveyor or giver of ideas. If we act as a conduit for ideas with which we’re passionate, we can influence and improve upon our communities. 

We named our company Conduit Coffee because we’re passionate about sharing our ideas for a fine cup of coffee. That cup can support the beautiful people and land and ideas that all contributed to its creation, from the ancestors to the farmers, from sourcing to roasting, to preparation.


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