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Chocolate Flavors and Ingredients

The Current Flavors



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The Chocolate

Belcolade - the real Belgian chocolate

For most of our conventional base we use Belcolade chocolate, which provides a nice foundation of rich chocolate to compliment the flavors we add. Belcolade sources their chocolate from around the world like most chocolate companies to create their blended product. Typically we make our truffles and truffle bars using a 70% dark chocolate (but always a 60% or higher dark chocolate). 

Allergen Information

If you are avoiding nuts and/or gluten, check out this blog post for more detailed information about our chocolate flavors and our kitchen so you can make an informed decision: No Peanuts or Gluten in this Chocolate, We Think.

You can see each truffle flavor listed in the document below for specific ingredients.  While we are conscientious about cleaning thoroughly and often, you should gauge your own risk based upon your allergy sensitivity. 

  • Most of our truffles are made with cream (dairy milk).  
  • Most of the chocolate we use contains soy lecithin, except for the Fortunato No.4 and the cocoa powder.
  • Many of the ingredients we use state that they are "processed in a facility with nuts, dairy milk, and soy".
  • We do not use nuts in our kitchen, though we occasionally use a nut-infused liqueur.
  • We do not use flour in our kitchen, though we occasionally use beer and bourbon.
  • We do not use meat in our confections.  Sorry, bacon lovers!
  • If you have an unusual food allergy or any questions, please call us first:  206-829-8810

You will find all allergen information, by flavor, in this document. If some information is unclear, please feel free to email Aaron at: