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Donation Request

Due to the lack of retail activity in our downtown Seattle core, any approved requests will be offered a discount rather than a donation. Thank you for thinking of Intrigue Chocolate Co! ~ Karl & Aaron

Thank you for considering Intrigue Chocolate for your non-profit event! Below is our application form - please fill it out to the best of your ability.

NOTE: Due to the volume of requests, there are a few things of which you should be aware.

  1. A valid 501c3 is required for approval.
  2. Intrigue prioritizes organizations that are local, and most closely match our non-profit focus: populations at risk, food production, or cacao.
  3. We award approved requests with a gift card or discount code that can be redeemed on our website. You can have your order shipped, or select "local pick-up" at our shop. 
  4. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with requests and are unable to respond to each one directly. If you would like to follow up on a request, you can email for a status update.

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