• Intrigue Chocolate Co, Meet Pinterest

    We're up on Pinterest. It's a nice way to share some of the amazing photography taken recently, and to celebrate the stunning photographs being taken of chocolate from around the world. The above photo is a teaser. Cacoa is such a complex and wonderful thing.

    If any of you are on Pinterest also with a chocolate related board, let us know so we can follow you!

  • Intrigue Shop Closed April 1st - April 8th

    Next week we're off to Palm Springs, so heads up that the shop will be closed for a while (April 1st - 8th).  Everybody needs a break, Aaron especially, after a wild start to the year.  Thank you all for that; now we're going to enjoy sunshine and a pool.

    Anything else you'd recommend we do while there, chocolate related or otherwise?  Do you have a favorite desert herb or spice?  We do not make a peyote chocolate.  Yet.

  • Jason Grube Posts an Intrigue Chocolate Co. Bit

    Jason Grube, designer extraordinaire, posted our project on his website with some of the new photography. He's posted some really interesting projects. Worth taking a look, if only to give your eyes a vacation.

  • Chocolate Photography by Charity Burggraaf


    New photography added to the website.  We worked with a local photographer, Charity Burggaaf who created some truly beautiful pieces.  If you enjoy seeing a good photo, be sure to check out her website to see some of the other work she's accomplished.

  • Intrigue Chocolate Co. meets Nancy Guppy on The Weekend Zone


    Intrigue Chocolate Co. on local TV yesterday!  Nancy Guppy talks about all sorts of cool stuff happening in Seattle right now, and we were honored to be a part of the line up.  Our segment is around 5:20.  Cheers!

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