• Intrigue Chocolate Co. meets Nancy Guppy on The Weekend Zone


    Intrigue Chocolate Co. on local TV yesterday!  Nancy Guppy talks about all sorts of cool stuff happening in Seattle right now, and we were honored to be a part of the line up.  Our segment is around 5:20.  Cheers!

  • What Truffle Flavor would you like?

    We asked our fans on Facebook what flavors they'd like to see us make.  Here's some of the crowd favorites suggested:

    Cointraeu & Ginger
    Rosemary & Mint
    Balsamic & Fig

    What flavors would you like to see?

  • Buying Ethical Chocolate as a Small Business


    An article from titled A Guide to Ethical Chocolate published recently presents some tough questions for any chocolatier to face, especially small guys like us who don't have access to all the information (or access to unlimited funds). We'd love to be bean-to-bar someday.  Sooner than that, we'd love to know more about the supply chain of our chocolate.  There are a lot of factors that go into choosing your base chocolate, of course, and origin is only one of them.  But not being evil is important!

  • Mai Hoang's Creative Eye on Intrigue Chocolate Co.


    Really cool product picture provided to us by a Kickstearter backer, Mai Hoang.  This was the small sampler pack with a little bit of everything.  She runs a wonderful blog called Love Colorfully (  If you enjoy photography, fashion, and cool gadgets, check it out.

    Thanks for the awesome photo Mai!

  • Happy Valentine's Day!


    Just a little something special from Disney that captures the spirit of the day.  Intrigue Chocolate Co. is thinking of you all!  For those of you who are sharing chocolate, we hope our truffles make the day extra special.


    Shop Hours Reminder:

    The shop will be open later than normal tonight, until 8pm.

    The shop will be closed on Monday the 18th for President's Day (to give us a little break).

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